vacancies available for web developer-LKProfessionals

Duties and Responsibilities:
Develop, maintain, and support the web and mobile applications for the company and for the customers. Manage the design, upgrade, enhancement, maintenance, availability, the effectiveness of the technical functionality, and the content for one or more enterprise websites.Program all and/or the selected components of web applications, as well as record and document the components and applications and develop automated techniques that enable end-user content publishing
Program, test, and implement mapped graphic images, forms, and HTML pages.
Responsible for evaluating, developing, and maintaining, along with usage of, file servers and related systems
Assist in program design, coding, benchmark testing, debugging, and documentation.
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to determine business requirements, as well as design, develop, and test application code to ensure that business requirements are met
Assist in component and data architecture design, software, production evaluation, and buy/build

Coordinate configuring, coding, developing, and documenting specifications throughout the project life cycle

  • General Requirements:
    Strong communication skills required (English)
    Leverage strong HTML, JavaScript, ES6, Php and and PHP Frameworks.
    Knowledge in React, React native are added advantage.

Assist in projects and/or schedule and coordinate project deliverables
Assist in program design, coding, benchmark testing, debugging, and documentation

Required Technical Skills:
HTMl, CSS, JavaScript, ES6, Rest API and PHP

Additional Technical Skills:
Knowledge in Soap API, Laravel, LESS, SASS, React, ReactNative or Flutter will be an added advantage.

  • Benefits
    Flexible Schedule and duration
    Time frame: Period of up to 3 months.
    After the end of three months the intern will be given a chance to be in the team of LKProfessionals
  • Call :+94 76 645 3232

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